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About Us


Bowerbird Bakeshop is the vision of New Orleans born Pastry Chef Earl Vallery

Pastry Chef Earl Vallery has brought his 13+ years of experience to his new home Charlottesville, Virginia. He has experience both in and out of the kitchen, from managing at Tecolote Farm and teaching at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX to most recently helping launch the successful bakery Whisk in Richmond.  He has specialization in Viennoiserie, cake decorating, and all manner of French-inspired pastisserie. He is excited to share his craft and expertise with a new community.

Beginning as a wholesale, pop-up, and farmer’s market operation, his goal is to eventually bring the eclectic Bowerbird Bakeshop into brick and mortar existence.

A Bowerbird, you say?

Bowerbirds are an exceptional breed of bird from southeast Asia and Australia that are renown for their bright blue eyes and their sculptural nests, which are decorated with arrangements of natural and man-made objects collected and assembled by the male bird.

As with the bowerbird, it is our goal to create and curate a collection of fine handmade pastries that are interesting to the foodie, yet accessible to everyone. Our shop will seek to supplement these delicious pastries with a side of fantastic espresso and coffee drinks, locally-produced products, interesting artifacts, and, frankly, whatever catches our eye.