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I’ve been creating pastries for over 13 years and teaching for over 7, and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with all interested! Most importantly, I make it a point to create a fun and easy-to-understand classroom environment where all questions are both welcomed and encouraged. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your pastry skills and have ever wondered about the specifics of ingredient functions and mixing techniques, then these are the classes for you! Click the class below to link to registration and more information. Happy baking!

  • [PAST CLASS] Join Chef Earl Vallery for some Spring holiday baking as we make desserts suitable for both Easter and Passover. We’ll explore the steps involved in making yeasted rich doughs as we make Bowerbird Bakeshop’s own signature Cinnamon Rolls. We’ll also cook toffee and put together a Matzo Toffee Chocolate Bark that is not only delicious during Passover, but literally any time! Class is demo only with limited hands-on when possible and, of course, we’ll sample all desserts at the end of class. Sunday, March 10th from 6pm-8pm.CLICK HERE TO LINK TO CLASS REGISTRATION
  • [PAST CLASS] Holiday Baking: Strudel Two Ways at The Spice Diva We will be making and stretching a (comically) large batch of Strudel dough and explore the various filling options for this versatile pastry all while explaining the science behind gluten and various pastry techniques. We’ll make a cinnamon apple filling and local maker David Hopper from Chutney Ferret will provide a “mincemeat” (no meat involved) filling. Sunday, December 2nd from 6pm-8pm
  • [PAST CLASS] Class 1 – Pastry Fundamentals 1: Basic Pastry Mixing Methods (Creaming Method, Cut-In Method, & Muffin Method) This class will explore the basic mixing methods most often used in pastry as well as discuss ingredient roles and functions. We will learn and utilize the creaming method by producing salted chocolate chip toffee cookies, the cut-in method to produce flaky buttermilk biscuits, and the muffin method to produce lemon blueberry muffins. Sunday, April 22nd
  • [PAST CLASS] Class 2 – Pastry Fundamentals 2: Eclairs, Cream Puffs, & Gougeres This class will explore one of the most versatile tools of the pastry chef – pate a choux. We will learn how to make choux dough, pipe it, and flavor it for different uses including eclairs, cream puffs, and savory gougeres. We will also learn how to produce the stovetop custard pastry cream and properly emulsify chocolate ganache for filling and glazing purposes. Sunday, June 24th
  • [PAST CLASS] Class 3 – Pastry Fundamentals 3: Custards This class will explore the different forms of stovetop custards and oven custards. We’ll learn the various ways to produce and infuse custards and their uses in the dessert world, including crème brulee and panna cotta. Sunday, August 12th
  • [PAST CLASS] Class 4 – Pastry Fundamentals 4: Cakes This class will explore the basics of producing cake, buttercream, simple syrup infusions, and cake assembly. We will mix cake batter, produce swiss buttercream, and assemble a “naked” cake. Discussion will also include forms of buttercream available and (time permitting) a demo of various buttercream decorating techniques. Sunday, October 21st