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Online Ordering & Delivery Service

Our Menu for Saturday April 4th is LIVE via Online Ordering! CLICK HERE! Ordering will close on Wednesday at midnight!

While it is heartbreaking, we will not be selling at any Farmers Markets for the time being. Since our shop is still weeks away from opening (and could be longer pending this crisis) we have developed online ordering and delivery system in an effort to get you your Bowerbird faves during this time!

Here is what you should know:

  • We will only be delivering on SATURDAYS from 9-11am. Please click “Deliver Now: 0-5 mins”, but remember all orders are for Saturday delivery!
  • All items are prepared and delivered by staff who have be ServSafe trained in new Covid-19 protocols. Your items will be delivered to your doorstep to keep social distancing practices. You will receive a text message when the delivery is made.
  • The system will not let you purchase sold out items. You can try a lower quantity to get the last one or two.
  • Merchandise and gift cards are available!
  • Our capacity is limited and we will be adjusting our offerings¬† EACH WEEK based on ingredients available to us so keep checking in.