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Our Mission

“ …a bakery is an anchor – it draws a community around it. ” 

-Chef Thomas Keller

Our mission is to produce beautiful, creative, and deliciously accessible pastries for the public and to curate our space into a food destination and an anchor in the community. We seek to educate our customers on the beauty and benefit of using local and seasonal ingredients.

As stewards of our earth and in respect to humanity we commit to:

  • Sourcing local ingredients from Virginia farmers markets and utilizing only in-season produce. We currently source cage-free, farm fresh eggs, flour, and seasonal fruits from farmers connected to the Local Food Hub
  • Using recycled and/or biodegradable packaging
  • Paying our employees a living wage
  • Giving back to the community through monetary donations, employee volunteering, and product donations. Our emphasis is partnering with organizations that are working towards greater food equity in Charlottesville, particularly those who work with the neighborhoods that directly surround Tenth Street Warehouse.

A Bowerbird, you say?

Bowerbirds are an exceptional breed of bird from southeast Asia and Australia that are renowned for their bright blue eyes and their sculptural nests, which are decorated with arrangements of natural and man-made objects collected and assembled by the male bird.

As with the bowerbird, it is our goal to create and curate a collection of fine handmade pastries that are interesting to the foodie, yet accessible to everyone. Our shop will seek to supplement these delicious pastries with a side of locally-produced products, interesting artifacts, and, frankly, whatever catches our eye.